An Inadvertently Perfect Guide to Pony Headspace

SmartPak makes dietary and veterinary products for bio-horses. They’ve also, inadvertently, created the most accurate guide to how bio-horses think. For better or worse.

Check out the videos and maybe you’ll learn a few things… mostly about how to get in trouble with your handler.

All these videos are perfectly SFW. And remember: SmartPak isn’t a kink company, so be thoughtful when leaving comments!

Poll: Monthly Munch Location

For about year now, we’ve been meeting at the Deluxe Station Diner at Newton Center station one Sunday afternoon every month. It’s cheap, friendly, and literally right on the Green Line. There’s a ton of parking that’s free on Sundays and the staff lets us use the often-empty back room so we’ve got a little privacy.

However… With a bunch of new members from this year’s Fetish Fair Fleamarket, it’s a good idea to see what works for most people. Whether you like the current diner or you’ve got a better location (one that’s in the Boston area, of course), let us know before March!

Where should the munches be held?

  • The Deluxe Station Diner in West Newton (75%, 3 Votes)
  • Somewhere Else (leave a comment below!) (25%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 4

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(And if you’re opting for somewhere else, leave a comment and let us know where. And why it’s a better location!)