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September Pony Munch This Sunday!

Deluxe Station Diner Logo

We’re headed back to the Deluxe Station Diner this weekend, and we’ve got a big event coming up on October 1st. Poke a kinky friend and bring ’em out to Newton Center for lunch with the herd!

It’s at the Deluxe Station Diner, part of Newton Center Station on the Green Line. The food’s good, and they’ve got a full bar! It’s between the lunch and dinner rushes, so call it a late lunch or early dinner, or just a relaxed cocktail with the horses.

Just head to Newton Center Station on the D line (there’s also public parking nearby) and look for the BOS*PAH logo on one of the tables. If you’re joining us, be sure to RSVP on FetLife or leave a comment on the website so we know what size table to get!

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